• Brianne Rose-Baker

Bimonthly Mental Health Challenges

Updated: 14 hours ago

Current Challenge: November and December 2022

Regularly practice a coping skill.

These winter months can be tough, so this challenge is simple-- pick one coping skill that you enjoy and you know is effective for you and try to do it at least three times every week. That's a total of 27 days of coping practice throughout this challenge! You've got this!

Most Recent Challenge: September/October 2022

Build a successful sleep schedule/routine.

Take a second before reading on and reflect on how you feel when you’ve had a good night’s sleep versus when you haven’t. There’s a big difference, right? Lack of sleep can negatively impact so much in our life. Some of those things include, but are not limited to: how quickly and efficiently we’re able to think, how intense our emotional response is, our ability to pay attention to others and our environments, and more. So I want us to try and take some steps towards more consistent sleeping.

The challenge is to try this schedule at least three times weekly throughout September and/or October. Let’s see how many weeks you’re able to complete!

  1. Pick a solid bed time for yourself. This is a time that allows you some wiggle room. If you know you operate best with seven hours of sleep and wake up at 6:00 AM, aim to start this schedule at 10:00 PM to have a one hour buffer to wind down and be asleep by 11:00 PM.

  2. Pick one to two relaxing and low energy activities to begin at your solid bed time. Some examples include drinking herbal tea, reading, going on a late night stroll, and journaling.

  3. Stop using blue light (I mean all versions, y’all) halfway through that solid time you picked in step one. So if our solid time is 10:00 PM, blue light use will discontinue at 10:30 PM.

  4. Be strict with yourself. Turn off all lights, lay down, and prepare to pass out an hour after your solid bed time.

How I completed this challenge: I successfully got at least eight hours of sleep 27 out of the 31 days of October!

Past Challenges From This Year

January/February 2022: Do something you wouldn’t normally do because it makes you smile.

Yes,that is very vague, but do what feels good to you.

March/April 2022: Start and finish a new book.

Emphasis on the word new. If you do this, it can't be a read that is comfortable and you've revisited dozens of times.

May/June 2022: Start something new.

You don't have to master this new thing, just begin it.

July/August 2022: Create and complete a goal.

Try to force yourself to go step by step with this one.