• Brianne Rose-Baker

Bimonthly Mental Health Challenges

Current Challenge: July and August 2022

Create and complete a goal.

Try to force yourself to go step by step with this one.

I'm flexible on what this goal looks like and want you to make it your own. My only request around this is that you follow these steps:

  1. Think about what you want to try to improve on. It's okay to be vague here; it just needs to be within a ballpark. Example: My goal is going to have something to do with my running. This does not need to be a working out goal. Seriously, do what works for you.

  2. Get specific about what smaller aspect within the vague idea you'd like to focus on. Example: Improve running pace.

  3. Try to identify two to three steps you can take to work towards that small aspect. Example: Run an extra day a week and/or add an extra day of plyometrics into my workouts.

  4. Pick ONE of these steps to turn into a goal. Example: I'm picking the extra running day because plyometrics leaves me feeling absolutely exhausted.

  5. Place a tangible number onto the goal. Example: I will run at least five days weekly for six weeks straight.

Past Challenges From This Year

January/February 2022: Do something you wouldn’t normally do because it makes you smile.

Yes,that is very vague, but do what feels good to you.

March/April 2022: Start and finish a new book.

Emphasis on the word new. If you do this, it can't be a read that is comfortable and you've revisited dozens of times.

May/June 2022: Start something new.

You don't have to master this new thing, just begin it.