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2022: Bimonthly Mental Health Challenges

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Past Challenges From 2022

January/February 2022: Do something you wouldn’t normally do because it makes you smile.

Yes, that is very vague, but do what feels good to you.

March/April 2022: Start and finish a new book.

Emphasis on the word new. If you do this, it can't be a read that is comfortable and you've revisited dozens of times.

May/June 2022: Start something new.

You don't have to master this new thing, just begin it.

July/August 2022: Create and complete a goal.

Try to force yourself to go step by step with this one.

September/October 2022: Build a successful sleep schedule/routine.

Take a second before reading on and reflect on how you feel when you’ve had a good night’s sleep versus when you haven’t.

November/December 2022: Pick one coping skill that you enjoy and you know is effective for you and try to do it at least three times every week. You've got this!


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