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Who I Am

And why I became a therapist...

My dream of becoming a therapist started at a pretty young age. Growing up as an only child with a single parent, I often found myself in adult-like conversations asking others how their days were going and a variety of other questions that were not normal for a child, but with sincerity and actual curiosity around the answer to these questions. I was in middle school the first time that my mom had to have the “No, you seriously need to stop talking to strangers” conversation with me because she’d caught me sitting next to random people outside of her job chit-chatting about how their day was going for the last time. It was in these moments that it became glaringly clear that I truly care about those around me and want to help.

Becoming a therapist was a natural goal that blossomed out of this way of thinking, feeling, and living for me. I want the same for you— leaning into a natural goal or way of existing that makes you feel excited and eager about your life. We’re all special and fabulous in our own way and leaning into natural goals consists of accepting and loving these unique aspects about ourselves while also accepting and processing the aspects of ourselves that we are less proud of.  Therapy helps me guide clients towards recognizing their own unique qualities and creating a life to be proud of and excited to live.​​

When I'm not being a therapist and helping others as much as I can, I am going on hikes, making elaborate desserts, playing boardgames with my husband, and spoiling my 10-pound Toy Poodle.

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